If you ever run out of ideas to Grow Your Podcast this list of 33 Podcast Ideas you can use to Increase your influence and your Podcast following

  1. Share a personal experience or lesson learned related to your topic/area of expertise
  2. Interview thought-leaders and influencers in your niche.
  3. Review products, books, movies, etc. related to your topic.
  4. Host a Q & A – Host an Ask me anything session and invite people to pick your brain
  5. Share things you learned from a book, blog, event, etc.
  6. Share your favorite quotes and what they mean to you
  7. Demonstrate specific, step-by-step how-to podcast episodes on something you know how to do.
  8. Share a list of your favorite books or authors, and tell why. Use the books as props. Read a short passage from one of the books.
  9. Talk about how you achieved something extraordinary and show your audience how they can too.
  10. Explain things you wish you had known or done differently.
  11. Research and share some little-known facts relating to something or someone in your niche.
  12. Pick a problem that you see and talk about how you’d like to see it fixed
  13. Do a broadcast in response to someone else’s podcast (If sex sells, controversy outsells).
  14. Share your personal views about a recent news event
  15. Compile a list of frequently asked questions – and answer them.
  16. Host a Reality Show – think Housewives, Shark Tank, American Idol…
  17. Do some magic
  18. Share a favorite resource/recipe
  19. Create and share your Top-ten Lists
  20. Tell Your Story
  21. Film an Event you are hosting
  22. Broadcast at a Trade Show, Business Fair, Expo
  23. Film speakers during an Event (I would ask their permission first)
  24. Curate Content from other sources to share
  25. Have a contest or challenge
  26. Introduce your audience to other podcasters
  27. Host a Live Focus Group – Looking for input on a new product, service or feedback on some part of your business?
  28. Mastermind with others – Use these to brainstorm ideas to grow your business (and theirs)
  29. Tours – give an audio tour of your office, your store, your spa, your hotel. If a picture tells a thousand words then how many words does a broadcast say??? If you also video your podcast you can share it on YouTube, Instagram and other livestreaming channels.
  30. Take people behind the scenes of your business. Tell them what you and your team do.
  31. Do one on one training
  32. Share the News – what’s the latest news in your industry, your community? Share it? Have a super-cool event coming up? Talk about it – invite people to register and network with them.
  33. Share Case studies – Case studies are a great way to disseminate meaningful data in an interesting way.
What other topics can you share on our podcast?