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Here are the reasons why you should advertise on My Pink Pages podcast directory website:

  • Our site is User friendly
  • We promote our site daily to our Social Media channels (reach more than 100,000)
  • We promote our advertisers to our social media channels
  • Pricing – our website banner adverstising is an affordable solution to spread the word about and reach a highly targeted audience of women.

Banner advertisers can choose to place advertisements in the following site sections or subsections of My Pink Pages directory:

All banners are 300 X 250 (pixels) price ranges from $25 to $75 per month

Categories page (fixed ads)   $40 per month

Submit Listings page (fixed ads) $40 per month

Advertising page (fixed ads) $40 per month

Blog page (fixed ads) $25 per month

How to Add Your Business page (fixed ads) $40 per month

Footer area (banner rotation advertisements) $75 per month

All advertising should be submitted camera-ready in either a pdf, png or jpeg format. No other formats will be accepted.


We also offer a limited number of sponsored posts per month. Sponsored (text) posts can include up to 3 links with a word count of between 350 and 1000 words. Cost per post ranges from $40 to $75.

Pricing: Minimum 3 months advertising, 15% for annual advertising – all ads must be approved and paid prior to placement.

To place your ad or sponsored post, contact Heidi Richards Mooney – Heidi at RedheadMarketingInc dot com.


Frequently Asked Questions – FAQS

If you do not see the question or answer for which you are searching, feel free to contact us.

  1. I am not a woman-owned business owner or woman professional, can I still advertise on My Pink Pages podcast Directory?  Yes.  As long as your add meets our submission criteria as mentioned above.
  2. I do not have a graphics person, can My Pink Pages podcast Directory create my ad for me?  YES, we have an in-house graphic artist.
  3. What can advertising on My Pink Pages podcast directory do for my organization?  As with any small business, advertising creates brand awareness, builds a customer base and introduces your product or service to a targeted audience of potential customers.
  4. Why should I advertise with you?  Our rates are highly competitive – oftentimes less expensive than the “average” price for advertising on similar websites. Because we do not depend on advertising to run our directory, we can offer these prices – and will not raise for current advertisers for as long as you advertise on a continuous bases. We also pride ourselves on providing exceptional service.
  5. Can I use an ad I already have?  YES! Simply forward that ad to MPP in the correct format when you place your order.
  6. When I place my ad, how long does it typically take for my ad to appear on the MPP website? If your ad has been submitted in the correct format and all required advertising fees have been paid, it should take nor more than five to seven days.  If there is a delay, advertiser is notified. Ad timing does not begin until the ad has been placed on the website.
  7. If I place an ad on the MPP website, will you sell my information to any third-parties? No. Never. While we cannot control how others gather and/or use the information advertisers place on our site, per our privacy and terms of service we do not rent, sell or give-away any information about advertisers or organizations who list their products and services.  This applies to free listings, paid listings and advertisers.
  8. How can I get started with advertising?   Simply contact us at Heidi at RedheadMarketingInc dot com to get the process started.


My Pink Pages Podcast Directory reserves the right to change our rates, as deemed necessary due to market fluctuation, economic costs and other factors are considered.

Note: advertising on our site is not an endorsement of a particular product or service. We do not accept any ads for gambling, pornography, get-rich quick schemes, liquor, firearms, gaming or tobacco products. We do not accept ads we believe to be deceptive, illegal, ads from spammers, racist or derogatory in any manner no do we accept ads we feel are otherwise inappropriate to our general audience. We reserve the right to deny any advertising we deem inappropriate in any manner. We also give preference to advertising that targets women business owners and professionals.

While we make every effort to make sure advertisements meet standards set out in guidelines, we’re not responsible for the quality or reliability of any products or services advertised.

We’re not responsible for any errors, omissions or consequences of visiting third party websites via advertising links on our site.

See our Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions for more information.

Last updated: June 24, 2022