When you’re trying to promote your business, you want to use every available means of advertising that you can afford to use. Plenty of businesses advertise through their website and through their social media sites, but offline promoting often brings in a large amount of potential customers.

It’s true that you do have to know who your target audience is just like you do with any online promoting. But, it’s helpful if you cast a wide net because you might reach someone outside your target audience who turns out to be not only a great customer but a good word of mouth referral for you.

While it’s true that a lot of the younger generation are more active online, there is plenty of potential – especially among those who don’t like to be online 24/7 – and just aren’t that tech savvy.

You don’t want to miss reaching this audience. Despite many of them now having editions online, newspapers are here to stay. There’s a good reason that people still purchase them in the stores and still have a subscription come to their home.

They want the latest news, sports, entertainment, coupons, and shopping information. This is why you want to advertise in newspapers. You don’t have to have a mailing list because the newspaper already has that and you get a guarantee that it’s going to be delivered so there’s no chance your advertising will end up getting deleted or sent to the spam box.

You can take out an ad in the classified section of the newspaper, but you can also buy a half page or page ad. Some businesses use the sales flyer inserts to advertise their business.

There’s a good reason that you want to advertise this way. If you’re doing your advertising mainly online, you’re just one of millions doing the exact same thing. By advertising in a newspaper, you’re going to stand out as one of a few hundred.

So you can increase the odds that no only is your ad seen but someone will act on it. People like the physical. That’s why print items will never be phased out. So when people see an advertisement they want to know more about or they want to act on, they’ll tear it out of the newspaper and put it up on the refrigerator or put it on their desk to remind them.

Another reason that you want to advertise in a newspaper is because when people are online, they have several things showing up that are competing for their attention.

There’s email, social media, chatting with friends, banking and more. So the odds of your ad holding their attention isn’t nearly as great as it is when it’s in a newspaper.