Do you love to create things? Do you have a talent for putting together intricate and interesting designs? Can you create practical items along with works of art? If you have a passion for crochet for instance, you might be delighted to know you can make money from it. Here’s how:

#1 Decide what main type of crochet item(s) you want to focus on. For example, if you make a great winter hat, then perhaps that is your niche. What about holiday stockings, mittens, pet clothes, or handbags? If you have a specialty crochet item you like to make or are often requested to make, that may be the perfect place to start.

"Are you a Maker? – How to Earn Money from Your Passion"

#2 Create a small inventory. This inventory will be the items you use to market your business. You’ll take photos of them and use them on your marketing materials, your website and your product catalog. It makes sense to take your time and create some truly special items.

#3 Decide how much time you can invest in your business and create some goals. If, for example, it takes ten hours to create an item, then you may be able to create two items a week. Know that in advance so if you start taking orders, you can predict a reasonable turnaround time. It also helps you price the items to sell.

"Are you a Maker? – How to Earn Money from Your Passion"

#4 Check out websites like and eBay. While eBay is an auction site, you can sell handmade goods at a fixed price. Etsy on the other hand is a site dedicated to vintage goods and handmade items. It’s the perfect place to sell your wares. And Etsy and sites like Etsy are easy to use. You essentially create your own store where you photograph your items for sale. Etsy has a built-in shopping cart system which you can link to PayPal. You manage the shipping and fulfillment.

#5 Price your wares. Take some time to evaluate the cost of materials, the cost of your time and the value of your crochet items. Remember that they’re one-of-a-kind type items which can raise their value.

#6 Create your store. You don’t have to create a website to sell your items yourself. You can stick with store-type sites made available through Etsy and eBay-type sites. However, you can create a website to sell your products. If you do, you’ll want to make sure to provide:

* Clear descriptions about your handmade items, including photos

* Your return policy

* Your payment and shipping policy

* Your custom order policy

* An easy shopping cart system

The more user friendly you can make your website, the better the customer experience.

#7 Finally, stay on top of your business. Pay attention to your income and expenses. Track what types of products are most often requested or purchased. Pay attention to the types of people who are buying your wares. This information will help you cater to your audience and provide them with the products they’re interested in. It’ll help you grow and profit.

"Are you a Maker? – How to Earn Money from Your Passion"

If you have a knack for making things by hand and would like to make some money from your passion, you can do it! For years, there has been a demand for unique and handmade items. Your works of art may fit this trend perfectly!

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