"brilliant you podcast"Brilliant You Podcast: supporting women in business to be unapologetic, confident, powerful, and fully be your brilliant self.

The Brilliant You Podcast is for women who want to break through barriers. These might be mindset blocks that stop them from making the money they want. Or it might be cultural, societal and organizational barriers that keep them from having their voice heard, their opinion valued and rewarded, or shattering that incessant ‘glass ceiling’.Join Janet as she explores themes like confidence (including getting past self-doubt and ‘impostor syndrome’), success-money mindset, being powerful in the face of conflict, creating win-win relationships, motivation, effective communication, and inspiration. She also offers practical tools to help you get what you want and deserve as a powerhouse professional woman. This podcast is for women in business, entrepreneurs, career professionals, as well as executives or want-to-be execs.

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