Powerhouse Women with Lindsey Schwartz is this week’s featured podcast

"powerhouse women podcast"How do I figure out what my purpose is? How do I connect with like-minded women? How do I overcome imposter syndrome? How do I grow my money mindset? How do I launch and sell my products and services to make six figures with a small audience?

Welcome to Powerhouse Women, the podcast! On this show, they answer all of these questions (and more) in order to help you get out of your own way and into ACTION around your big ideas. Because girl, you are not meant to do this alone!

Host Lindsey Schwartz will bring you everything you need to turn your ideas into your dream business with tactical tips, business strategy and all of the mindset shifts you need to take on your business, side hustle or passion project with confidence!

Along with sharing all of her business secrets Lindsey interviews incredible expert female entrepreneurs so you can hear their secrets, challenges, top tips, and the real stories behind being a woman in business.

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