"She Breaks Thru Thembi Bheka"Today’s featured podcast: She Breaks Thru with Thembi Bheka- Award Winning Investor, Mentor and Business Coach

If you are ready to break the glass ceilings and build a successful business, leading with fun, grace and ease, this podcast is for you. In this podcast we share why it’s important to embrace your femininity, follow your passion and surround yourself with other women.

As women, our inspiration comes from high oxytocin levels, that includes surrounding ourselves with other women. There is nothing more empowering than listening to another woman who has walked a similar path to yours and is now living a fulfilled life. It’s time for you to shatter the glass ceilings, to break through and to live the life you deserve.

Each week, you will get the exact behind the scenes, the significant shifts other women have done and how you can finally have your breakthrough.

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