"WHOLE HeART with Monica C. Guidry"Today’s featured podcast is WHOLE HeART with Monica C. Guidry

WHOLE HeART, which focuses on inner healing and offers advice to women on how to uncover and recover their true identity and life purpose, that may have been hidden under titles of wife, mother, or grandmother.  Monica also guides women on how to rediscover and rekindle the zest for lost dreams and make them happen.

Monica’s mission is not only to free women spiritually, but also to unleash the power that is within each of them, to set a course for new experiences and new roles that women may have never seen themselves in. To challenge them in ways that bring out the adventurous side and set them on the path to wholeness, and joy. She accomplishes this through,

  • The weekly podcast which offers a platform to share stories from tragedy to triumph, and includes tips from experts on building self-confidence, starting a business, managing finances, etc.

  • Providing education on overcoming past hurts that keep you stuck

  • Dealing with life’s disappointments that have killed dreams

  • Reclaiming the passion and purpose that has lain dormant

  • Discovering and living a life full of joy

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