This week’s featured podcast is Shine Sparkle Slay with Stephanie Rodriguez.  This is her story about starting her podcast:

People used to talk behind my back and say “she’s never going to make it”.

I suppose they had many reasons to believe that.

I was a first-time mom at 18, had two divorces by the age of 30, been diagnosed with two autoimmune diseases, adult A.D.D. and I have survived domestic abuse!

Not what most people think when they imagine success.

Do you feel me?

Have you felt the same way? that people like you aren’t meant for the nicer things in life, that you should settle and just be grateful for where you are?

Then you’re in the right place – together we can beat this!

If this downtrodden, ADD, once young single mom, beat all the odds – then you can too.

It took me 10 years to do it but I finally earned my business degree AND had a smooth 16-year-long career in corporate leadership.

In just 9 months I started an online fashion boutique and have published a self-care journal and then I woke and decided that today was my day to SLAY! I said PEACE OUT to the corporate life!

So, let’s prove them wrong- I did and you can too! And I can help you!

I am not just saying it, I freaking lived it, girl.

I started this show to support you as you break out of your shell and get out into the vast world of possibilities that are waiting for you.

Every episode we will be showing you how to overcome everything that’s holding you back, so that you can build the life that’s waiting for you, with wild confidence.

Come here and tune out the noise from the doubters and haters who bet against you as we

SHINE, SPARKLE & SLAY – What does that even mean?

SHINE Stop waiting for permission – It’s your time to SHINE sis

SPARKLE- Let’s hone in on that superpower QUEEN and leave a little SPARKLE wherever you go.

SLAY- You’re a BOSS BABE and you’re helping others find their way.

Come show the world that there isn’t just one way to make it.

Are you ready to put yourself first, for once.

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