Welcome to the Follow Your Joy Podcast where intuition is the doorway to your wisdom, your genius and your joy.

I’m your host, Marla Diann. I’ve been transforming creative entrepreneurs’ lives for over 26 years through two businesses as a success coach and business strategist and prior to that an entertainment publicist and talent manager.

It’s time to make joy your inner GPS for life and business decisions rather than lean on your logic and reason, first. You’ll not only be following what is most authentic to you and for you, but you will live the beautiful life meant just for you. You will come to learn that following your joy is a life and business strategy.

Listen in for inspiring entrepreneurial stories and solocasts that illuminate how by trusting your intuition, you will create a fulfilling result. Want to learn how to access, trust or uplevel your intuition? Join me in the conversation to find out!

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