You never know when the opportunity to share your expertise and garner free publicity will show up.

Case in point, not long ago, I had the privilege of being on Bolder Business Woman with the amazing Aprille Jaynes. She found me  on LinkedIn and asked if I would like to share a few marketing tips with her listeners. She was one of the most organized and delightful hosts with whom I have had the honor to share my story. Since that time, show has been shared, tweeted, retweeted and listened to thousands of times.

I also recently connected with Tonya Scholz of and had the same opportunity. Social Chats is a really laid back, conversational style of programming that leaves guests feeling good about themselves. Tonya and I have been connected on social media for years and just recently were introduced via a mutual friend. We hit it off right away and now are looking for more opportunities to help one another expand our networks and grow our business.

But wait, there’s more… there are many other programs I have been on over the years (more than 200) including the National Association of Image Consultants show with Jacqueline Whitmore and Mari Mitchell Porter’s Dare to be Authentic program.

And in the past three months I have appeared on three shows: Monetize Your Passion, The Spiritual Success Revolution and Fire Your Boss & Break Free From The Corporate Grind. You see, I am not at all shy when it comes to raising my hand to be interviewed. It has paid off big time. In addition to all the promotion the host does, I often offer a free gift at the end of my interview which draws traffic to my websites and increases my audience and list.

That’s the power of podcasting. It allows you to connect with hosts and new audiences in a way that email cannot. Or social media. And if the chemistry is right who knows where it will lead?

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Here are ten tips to getting interviewed and maybe even being asked back again:

1.Listen to several episodes of the show before contacting the host. You want to know the show’s format as well as whether or not your concept fits into their market.

2.If you have done prior interviews, let the podcaster know this in your first contact. Direct them to your media page or to past interviews.

3.Have something to say. “Hey, I wrote a new book!” isn’t necessarily enough, unless it’s a book with new information that fits perfectly with the theme of the show. You can gain an edge by moving it up a notch – having a special event for charity, for example, could get you to the top of the list of potential guests.

4.Provide the interviewer a list of questions in advance, along with a sample of your product or book.

5.Tell your list about the interview and encourage them to listen in. This is giving your host more listeners which they will appreciate.

6.Blog about the interview and share with your list and social media following before and after. Write a blog post about your interview including any key points about the show, your host and what you intend to discuss.

7.Be knowledgeable in your niche. Be prepared to offer lots of great, usable information on the podcast. Do not hold back and simply tell them to buy the book. The more you give away, the better the host and audience will like you. In addition, the audience will think, “If s/he’s telling this much for free, imagine what must be in the book!”

8.Be sure to thank the host for the opportunity. While a gift is not necessary it is a nice gesture. If you wrote a book and didn’t send it before the interview (because there was not enough lead time), sending afterwards is still appropriate. If the host has already read the book, include a note saying you would be delighted if she or he would pass it on to a friend or listener.

9.Ask for a copy of the interview so you can use it in your own marketing.

10. When allowed, offer a free gift at the end of your interview to keep the excitement going. Most hosts will not only allow it, they welcome the opportunity to provide their listeners ‘added value.” Keep the promo light and make sure the gift fits the theme of the show and the audience demographics.

It seems that the more shows you are on the more opportunities you have for being on other shows. I call it Momentum. When one show asks, there are typically at least two or three behind them and pretty soon it snowballs and you can be on as many (or as few) shows as your time will allow. Its truly powerful.

With only so many hours in a day it is important to make sure the show #1 meets your goals, #2 fits within your message and that your expertise also fits within the topic or focus of the podcaster you are guesting for.

If you have a woman-hosted podcast, we would be delighted to review it for possible inclusion in MY Pink Pages. Check out our podcasts listed here.  If its a good fit, use this form to submit your podcast. Remember it must be hosted by a woman!  Podcasts are shared across our social media channels. There is no cost to be listed!