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Here are a few tips to help savvy work at home moms (WHAM) stay focused and motivated.

#1 – Set a schedule. One of the best ways to stay productive when working from home is to separate work from home. By setting work hours you say to the world and to yourself “I’m now working and can only deal with work.” Once your work hours are finished you can then move on to other tasks. This is exactly what you would do if you worked outside the home.

Being strict with yourself and setting a work schedule means that you not only get more done but you keep motivation at an all time high. It’s very demoralizing to fall behind on your work and this can really send any motivation you have into a nose dive. Avoid this trap by working to a set schedule.

"How Savvy Women Who Work from Home Stay Motivated"

#2 – Create a goals board. Creating a visual reminder of why you do what you do is extremely motivating. This can be a simple cork board that you add written goals to. You can also add pictures of your family and other reminders which help you feel what you do is worthwhile. Keep this board in sight so that you see it each time you sit down to work.

By simply having a visual reminder of why we’re doing what we do, we can remain motivated and moving forwards towards our goals.

#3 – Take a break. While this may seem counter-intuitive, it’s important to take a break from your business to recharge your batteries. Stay motivated by planning a special day out or a few hours at a coffee shop or anything that’s special to you. If you have something to look forward to, you are more likely to stay motivated because there’s an end reward in sight.

"How Savvy Women Who Work from Home Stay Motivated"

#4 – Take care of yourself. Feeling run down or tired can often be mistaken for lack of motivation. Take care of yourself by eating a healthy diet and taking a few minutes each day to get fresh air and exercise. It may seem like you don’t have time to exercise or eat right, but think about the time you will actually gain in the long term. Feeling healthy and energized will mean that you can concentrate better, work more productively and feel better all around – all of which leads to increased motivation and productivity.

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