When many business owners start out, they tend to emulate those they respect in their industry. This is not a mistake but rather a first step on the path to real business success. You will know that you’re on the road to long-standing success, however, when you’re able to sell YOU rather than to stand in the shadows of your mentor, coach, or business idol.
Here’s how to let your personality shine through for better business today and tomorrow.

* Be yourself – One of the easiest ways to be yourself and share your true personality is through your communications. This can be through your email messages, your blog posts, your social networking interactions and through your content efforts. When you write or speak with anyone in your industry – client, prospects or business associates, let your personality and communication style shine through.

"In Business It's Just as Important to Sell YOU!"


For example, if you have a knack for colorful metaphors, use them. If you have a very animated face when you speak, don’t try to cover it up. These unique characteristics will be just the things that make you memorable and endearing and will set you apart from your competition. When we do business, we do business with people because we like and respect them.

* Share your story – Everyone has a story and their own set of experiences. Your experiences and perspective, whatever it may be, will be interesting and helpful to others around you. Additionally, it is your unique group of experiences that has brought you to where you are today; they’re valuable and can be used to brand you and your business.

"In Business It's Just as Important to Sell YOU!"

For example, Joe Vitale has written a number of books on the law of attraction and he uses his personal story of homelessness to engage people to demonstrate that he’s just like everyone else and has had his share of troubles and triumphs. This story helps him sell books.

Think about other experts and business people you know who use their personality to create a brand. What about Martha Stewart? Share who you are – your interests, skills and experiences. Let people get to know you, relate to you, and let your personality be your brand.

"In Business It's Just as Important to Sell YOU!"

* Participate – When you work online or from home, it’s easy to become separate from the rest of the world. However the best way to share your personality, and make it your brand, is to participate. This means participating online and off. Join networking groups, participate on social networking sites and get involved.

* Be human – One of the tactics used in copywriting is to let people relate to you. If you spend the entire sales page telling people how great you are, they’re not going to buy it. However, if you tell people about where you come from, what mistakes you’ve made, what lessons you’ve learned and how you got where you are, they’re going to be much more interested in you as a person and as a business.

Finally, think about who you buy from and why you buy from them. Chances are one of the reasons you often buy from people is because you like them. Likeability is a buying trigger. You’re likeable. Use it, share your personality, and sell your products or services.