Are you an internet marketer? If so, you may spend all day on the computer. Unfortunately, the computer and the internet makes distractions easy. For example, researching marketing forums for new ideas is ideal, but not if you spend hours carrying on personal conversations with other members.

To be a successful internet marketer, time management is important. Unfortunately, many new to the business assume time management is difficult or costly. Yes, it can be, but there are easy and affordable approaches you can take. A few cheap ways to manage your time are highlighted below.

1 – Create a To Do List

A to-do list is a cheap time management tool, as all you need is a pen and a piece of paper. If you prefer, your list can be complied in Microsoft Word or a spreadsheet. Each morning or the night before, create a to-do list for yourself. What tasks do you need to accomplish throughout the day? For example, do you want to approach webmasters for banner exchanges or research website page ranks to find the best advertising deals? If so, include these items on your daily to-do list.

When creating your daily to-do list, go into great detail. For example, step number one could include approach five webmasters for link exchanges. Once the task as been completed, cross it from your list.

Not only will a to-do list give you a set guide to follow, but it helps to promote motivation.

2 – Create a Schedule

A to-do list is an easy way to manage your time, as you are provided with a list of what must be completed in a day. Crossing tasks from your list may serve as a source of motivation, if not, a schedule is recommended. Set aside a specific time frame for you to complete a task.

Do you want to submit articles to directories you paid an outsourced writer to write? If so, set aside a specific block of time to doing so. For example, submit these articles between 9 and 10 am. By keeping an eye on the clock, you know when you are starting to fall behind, allowing you to pickup the pace.

3 – Use a Desktop Calendar

Creating a detailed schedule or to-do list is ideal for internet marketers with serious time management problems. If you are good at time management or staying on task, you can take a more lax approach. One of those approaches is using a desktop calendar.

Desktop calendars are large in size, enabling you to write various tasks on a daily slot, but without great detail. Do so. Each time you complete a task, cross it from your calendar.

Desktop calendars are available for sale online and in many local department stores and office supply stores. They tend to retail for under $5, making them an affordable way to manage your time.

4 – Use an Alarm Clock

An alarm clock is a cheap way to manage your time as an internet marketer, as you should already have one in your home. An alarm clock is ideal when used in conjunction with a daily schedule.

As sited as an example above, you created a one hour block for submitting outsourced articles to directories with back links. Set your alarm clock to go off at 10am. This signals that it is time to stop and start a new task or quickly finish.

5 – Think of the Money

As an internet marketer, you may work for clients who hire you to drive traffic to their websites or you may do the same for your own websites, blogs, products or services. Regardless of who you work for, it is important to think of the money. This can serve as motivation.

When you stay focused and on task, you do your job. That job is to drive traffic to a website, blog, product or service. Many times, this will translate into money. Remember the more you work, the more money you will make.