"Latina to Latina podcast"In this interview series, host Alicia Menendez talks to remarkable Latinas about making it, faking it, and everything in between.

In often-hilarious and always-revealing episodes, Alicia and her guests take on the challenges of existing, and then thriving, as women of color.

The goal of Latina to Latina is to take those intimate, honest conversations I have with other Latinas in private and share them with you. We talk about work and how these superstars got to be where they are, what they’ve learned along the way, and what they hope to do next. We talk about the causes and ideas that are on their minds — everything from colorism and homophobia in our own community to reimagining the systems that keep us out in a way that lets us — and everyone else — in. Plus, we’ll also talk about the stuff that we often avoid: sexuality, heartbreak, and how we move through the world when the way we see ourselves is different from how everyone else does.

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