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What is Glam Moms?  Who are Glam Moms?

Glam Moms, short for all us Glamorous Moms and Grandmoms in our present day. The career woman living in this masculine modern-day society refusing to lose our femininity.  This site focuses on the multi-tasking mom (or caregiver) who often forgets herself in the process of her selfless desire to take care of everyone and everything around her.  

We are a resource for YOU – sharing our lives, being part of a larger collection of like-minded women.  Knowing when we can help one another, and when we may be the one needing help.  Glam Moms are women of Power, Passion & Purpose. And, we believe in the power of sisterhood.

There are many moving parts associated with being a Glam Mom.  Some of these include:  providing resources, glam updates, fashionista connections ,parentinghealth & wellness, and spiritual guidance.

We’re all on a unique and personal journey. Chances are you are searching for answers, comfort, or maybe just curious. Whatever your reason for visiting, you are welcome.