Showcasing Living the Liminal Podcast with Kristi Peck

The liminal space is a sweet spot of uninhibited authenticity. It is the presence of infinite possibility. Want to be free to be your true self?
What if you could choose – every day – from this bold, courageous, inner intelligence within you?

Your relationships would instantly change for the better. Inspiration, adventure, and wisdom would influence every life challenge, every moment with another person, and every decision to be made.

Join Kristi Peck, an intuitive Jungian life coach that specializes in relationships and dreams as she engages your creative nature to live more consciously in the liminal space of peace, freedom, and bliss. Every episode is an invitation to nourish your heart and soul so that you can illuminate your true self.

She will give you the straight-up truth with a flair of divine wisdom, fierce love, and radical authenticity. You might be laughing, maybe crying, and always given opportunities to learn.

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