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Zenobia Bailey’s Podcast – Featuring Chats that Encourage Women to Live Well

"v"This show examines everyday concerns with a focus on women. Relationships, responsibilities, personal safety, health and wellness, nutrition supplementation, exercise and fitness, skin care, retirement, and residual income streams are among the many topics that will be explored.

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By Zenobia Bailey

I am a firm believer that as much as possible, health care should occur on the front side of illness and disease with every proactive means we have, starting with sound nutrition and movement, rather than on the back side. Although this is a position that I might have had without any outside influence, a personal bout with anemia, starting as a teen thru my early thirties, convinced me of such. Over the years, I have become passionate about introducing everyone I possibly can to a proven route for achieving rejuvenated health --- 100% guaranteed, and introducing others (students, moms, dads, retirees, second and third careerists) to an exciting and affordable business opportunity. Committed to lifelong learning, I make it a practice to regularly update my knowledge base in this wonderful field of health and wellness.

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