"promotion protocol with kim nugent"Kim Nugent, Ed.D., is an innovation leadership coach with an exceptional track record of engaging aspiring leaders. As a certified coach, keynote speaker, and a best-selling author, Kim is a sought-after Promotion
Protocol expert for both younger and experienced professionals in the workforce today!

Through her speaking and coaching programs, Kim offers fine-tuned inspiration to her audiences and delivers results-oriented
execution. Come learn and innovate your personal pathway to promotability and unlock the secrets to your career success.

About her Podcast:


Are you struggling to skyrocket your career? Do you often miss the
opportunity to get promoted? Are you trapped in a cycle of career
stagnation within your organization? Are you struggling to understand the
language of your leaders? Dr. Kim Nugent is a master mentor who brings over
30 years of consistent excellence to her readers and clients. As an
innovation leadership coach, she is bringing her passion for exceptional
leadership into the forefront of everything she does. Kim is helping people
gain the confidence, communication skills, and success in their careers to
ultimately assisting them in enhancing their promotability.
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