"Reading Between The Wines Podcast with Winnona Glass and Keagen Moore"Reading Between The Wines Podcast with Winnona Glass and Keagen Moore is today’s featured podcast

Reading Between the Wines makes literature and wine accessible to those without time to read and do extensive research; think of it as getting lit while enjoying lit with friends. Conversations on Reading Between the Wines are as light and bubbly as a good champagne so join us for a spell, even if your commute consists of a trip down the hallway right now.  This podcast will help you shift gears as you lift a glass to ‘me time’…with girlfriends.

Winnona Glass, that sassy, Southern girlfriend you’d love to sit on the front porch and share a story with is bringing the story to you

Keagen Moore is a Certified Sommelier (through the Court of Master Sommeliers, if you must know) with South Carolina roots and a Rocky Mountain terroir

Your hostess Winnona Glass and the Somm of the South, Keagen Moore will discuss a book and then a wine that pairs with the book or is referenced in the book. The pair get in depth on book and wine topics.

Reading between the wines blog discusses the books, wines, and features the reading glasses we use during the episodes and other merchandise.

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