Follow Your Heart

If you want to be your own person then you will need to learn how to follow your heart. We all have those tugs and feelings that pull at our hearts, telling us where we want to go. Having the strength to follow them is different case altogether. In order to follow your heart you have to learn how to let go of certain things, and start acting upon your instincts and your desires. So how do you start following your heart? First you have to learn how to trust yourself, this means learning to accept you for who you are. Take a look at your life and see what circumstances have led you to where you are today. Is this the path that you want to be on? If not it is time to change course, and only you can give yourself permission to do this. It will not always be easy to follow your heart. You may end up upsetting or disappointing your family. May be you really don’t want the career your parents had hoped for. Or you heart’s desires may lead you to moving away from your family and …
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