5 Tips to Help You Market When You Think You’re Too Busy

What if you've taken the time to create a marketing plan but now you're so busy servicing your current clients that you're having a hard time keeping on track with your plan? Is it okay to set the plan aside for awhile? After all you've got enough business to keep you busy. And, you're not sure you could handle additional clients right now anyway. While marketing may not seem like a necessary activity when your business is going gang-busters, it's only a matter of time before your lack of marketing starts to impact your business. Staying on top of your marketing plan, even when you're busy, ensures you always have a pipeline full of prospects and clients into your business. While you may be busy right now, if you stop marketing for the next three months, you may find yourself high and dry when it comes to clients, because you've stopped the flow. As an independent professional myself, I can totally relate to being too busy to market. It seems the days are never l…
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