How to Build Trust with Your Clients When You Really Want to Hide

Building trust with your clients is essential for maintaining effective long-term relationships with them. However, some business leaders struggle with building these types of relationships. There are many reasons this can be a struggle: Lack of confidence in your abilities Low self-confidence Imposter syndrome (you may feel as though you’ve lucked into success and haven’t really earned it) You’re holding back because you’re afraid they won’t find you worthy Any one of these fears can create a wall between you and your clients that prevents you both from the type of relationship and results you desire, especially if you’re trying to hide essential parts of who you are from your client. Fear can be devastating to your attempts to build trust but there are things you can do to stop hiding from your clients and build the type of trusting relationship you both deserve. Be Responsive Whether your clients call, send emails, send text messages, or fill out help …
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