Who Are You When You’re Confident?

Does this question leave you a little flustered? To some, the idea might seem difficult. They’ll answer immediately, “I’m not confident” and may have trouble even remembering a time they were confident. You might be bothered by the question, especially if you’re not sure why confidence should matter at all. If that’s the case for you, perhaps it’s time to take a closer look at confidence itself. You might not have a clear understanding of just what it is or why it’s important. What is Confidence?   When you think of someone confident, what do you see? You probably see someone with a certain set of traits including several, if not all the items from this list: They have an absolute, set belief in themselves They consider themselves capable of handling the situation they’re in They expect success when they begin a new task When they speak, they mean what they say They hold themselves in a way that looks natural but full of strength They seem comfo…
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