Using Creativity To Problem Solve At Work

We all encounter problems at work and in life. It can be stressful to find yourself in the middle of a problem without a solution. There are ways to solve most problems though if you know when, where, how, and what to look for in creating a solution. Creative problem solving is the process of solving problems with a view of the issue in more than one way. It’s a necessary skill in the workplace but many people don’t naturally have the instinct for it. That’s why using the tools and techniques outlined in this article will help you. Begin by identifying and defining the problem, wish or goal. What is the real problem? What’s wrong or lacking? What do you want to achieve or have happen? Look at the underlying reason for the problem. Is it a simple thing or is there something going on causing the problem? Remember, the solution is not to treat the symptom. Address the problem and fix it instead of putting a bandage on the problem. Gather Data - Gather the information you …
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