Direct Marketing with Postcards or Sales Letters

A mistake that a lot of online marketers make is ignoring the potential of offline marketing. It used to be that direct mail marketing with postcards or sales letters was the go-to way to market. Then online marketing took off and many businesses left behind offline marketing opportunities - and they're missing out. But even if you decide that you want to use one of these forms of marketing, there can be a debate over which form of advertising is the better one to use. The answer is simple. The one that you choose depends on the business advertising needs. If your pitch is short, you won't need a lot of copy, so using a postcard is feasible and it saves money over sending a sales letter. This is especially true if you use headline marketing. However, some people prefer to get a sales letter because they think it looks nicer. Plus, using a sales letter allows you to add a responder. You can't do that with a postcard. People have become savvier about certain types of …
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