Five Ideas to Get Your Freelancing Noticed

You started from scratch. You built your freelance business up from nothing. You’re doing well and you're proud of your accomplishments. However, you want more. You want to build a bigger business - one that supports all of your personal and financial goals. Here are five top tips to take your freelancing business further. #1 Publish - Publishing e-books, books and reports on pertinent and relevant topics in your industry will make you a household name. When you meet prospects you can say, “Here, let me give you a copy of my book.” Perhaps more importantly, people will start coming to you for your services because they’ve heard of you through your book. Publishing enhances your authority and credibility. It also makes it possible to justify higher rates. You are, after all, a published author and expert. #2 Blog - Okay, so you’re probably blogging already. But are you blogging on other industry blogs? Are you guest blogging for those movers and shakers in your industr…
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