Are you a Maker? – How to Earn Money from Your Passion

Do you love to create things? Do you have a talent for putting together intricate and interesting designs? Can you create practical items along with works of art? If you have a passion for crochet for instance, you might be delighted to know you can make money from it. Here’s how: #1 Decide what main type of crochet item(s) you want to focus on. For example, if you make a great winter hat, then perhaps that is your niche. What about holiday stockings, mittens, pet clothes, or handbags? If you have a specialty crochet item you like to make or are often requested to make, that may be the perfect place to start. #2 Create a small inventory. This inventory will be the items you use to market your business. You’ll take photos of them and use them on your marketing materials, your website and your product catalog. It makes sense to take your time and create some truly special items. #3 Decide how much time you can invest in your business and create some goals. If, for ex…
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