Negotiation Is A Part Of Life

The majority of people tend to relate negotiations to business meetings and their appropriate wheeling's and dealings. This is actually only one type of negotiation that occurs regularly. Every person tends to do more negotiating in real life than you may think.

Let's look at some real life negotiation examples in more detail.

You may want to rent an apartment or a mobile home over the winter. Are you going to settle for the first price you are given? Probably not. You want to get a good deal so you are going to talk with the owner several times in the hopes of getting a better deal.

Some of the things you might discuss in person or via email include:

1. Your length of stay - you can offer to stay longer if the price is right. Benefit to the owner - knowing they have regular income for a certain number of months. 2. You offer to clean your rental or take care of the y…
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