Do “Tell a Friend” Campaigns Still Work?

When internet marketing was still in its infancy, "tell a friend" campaigns were incredibly effective. All you had to do was put up an email box, ask people to send your stuff to their friends and they would. Today it's completely different. People are much more conservative with their time and their friends' time. In other words, they won't send something to their friends unless they really thought their friends would appreciate it. So do "tell a friend" campaigns still work? Absolutely. But the approach has to be completely different. Here are a few ways to make a "tell a friend" campaign work. Use Facebook In a way, Facebook is possibly the most effective "tell a friend" platform in history. Instead of asking people to email a friend for you, which takes a very high level of emotional commitment, try asking them to just repost whatever it is that you're promoting to their Facebook walls. Instead of just getting one person to check out your content, you can get …
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