Heal Thrive Dream, LLC is a mother daughter company whose mission is to bring compassion, comfort, and healing to professional mothers recovering from childhood abuse and other traumas. Trauma affects every aspect of a survivor’s life, and it is common to feel “stuck” or empty. We created our podcast to offer education and inspiration to our listeners. To receive our gift “Hope Tool” please visit us at: HealThriveDream.com/get-hope/ Thank you for listening!

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Karen Robinson empowers survivors to heal and recover from childhood abuse, sexual assault, domestic violence, toxic work environments and all traumatic events. Karen has extensive experience working with military sexual assault survivors, combat veterans, and those with moral injuries. Karen has served as a case manager, advocate, mental health therapist, service chief, and department chief of emergency services, inpatient psychiatry, medical social work, and for a behavioral health liaison & consultation service. Her work ethic is strong, service driven, and mission oriented. Karen is genuine, authentic, and a compassionate provider. Karen earned both her Bachelor’s (1996) and Master’s (1998) Degrees in Clinical Social Work at the University of Maine in Orono, Maine. She served in community mental health in Washington, DC; as a school social worker; adoption services (primarily home studies); emergency services, mental health therapist, and a federal government social worker (17 years).

Karen’s home of origin is Northern Maine, but she also grew up in Rowena, New Brunswick, Canada. Karen is a trauma survivor and thus has both the personal and professional experience needed to build authentic, genuine connections with clients during the hardest times in their lives. Karen loves reading, personal development, spending time with her spouse, Tony, and her three precious children (Lena, Grace, & Gideon).

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