The Quantum Woman podcast is designed to guide you in becoming the highest version of yourself. Your host, Shamina Taylor is an Attorney turned Wealth Consciousness Mentor who helps high-achieving woman level up in both their businesses and personal lives. The Quantum Woman podcast talks about all things subconscious programming, reality creation, wealth consciousness and so much more!

You are a high-achieving woman who knows exactly what it takes to be successful. Logically, you know you can have it all. You have all the steps, systems, and strategies. You’ve done it before. You have the results to prove it. A successful business, happy-enough relationships, comfortable home, you name it. Still, something isn’t clicking. You feel like a piece is missing. As though there’s more out there for you. Many of the women who come into my world already know they need something but don’t know what. You just know it has to be easier than this. Easier than the hustle and the never-ending tasks that have gotten you this far. And I’m here to tell you, that there’s a difference between knowing you can do and have everything… and actually believing it.

Shamina Taylor, Attorney turned Wealth Expert and Mentor, helps high-achieving women level up in their personal lives and in their businesses by teaching them how to become the most powerful, fulfilled, wealthy, and successful version of themselves.

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