Featuring Your Happy Life Podcast with Donna Burgher

This is Your Happy Life, the podcast that will Raise Your Vibration, with your host, Donna Burgher.

This podcast has been Divinely created for conscious, faith-based, spiritual women, entrepreneurs, and moms who want to partner with God and become Happiness Creators.

In this weekly show, Donna will explore ways for you to expand your consciousness, create a positive mindset, and activate your joy because the higher your vibration, the happier you’ll be, and the easier it becomes to create Your Happy Life!

Donna will be sharing her lifetime of knowledge and wisdom, as well as interviewing amazing guests. The transformational topics they will talk about include but are not limited to: mindset, energy, vibration, creating and manifesting, God, personal development, and spiritual growth to inspire, empower, and motivate the listener to live a happy, positive, and fulfilling life.

Donna Burgher is the Founder & Creator of Your Happy Life: Dream it, Believe it & Create it. She is a Happiness Creator Coach & Mentor, Positive Mindset, and Advanced Manifesting Mentor. Donna empowers conscious, faith-based, spiritual women, entrepreneurs, and moms to become Happiness Creators so they can manifest the happy and fulfilling life they’ve always dreamed of.​

As a gifted, Intuitive Lightworker, loving and joyful mentor, Donna elevates beautiful Souls on their journey of personal and spiritual growth to raise their vibration and unleash the magic within. As their life transforms they enjoy a happy and positive mindset, gain more energy, release negativity, manage their thoughts, and experience less stress. In Donna’s transformational program, her clients partner with God to create their happy life vision and bring their dreams to fruition so they can truly enjoy their everyday lives.

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